SEASON 2 - EPISODE seventeen

Vandana Dake

"Empowering & Inspiring Women Around The World To Follow Their Passion"

Episode Overview

From India, to Dubai, to Durham NC. A truly world class citizen, business owner, and architect, Vandana Dake and Nick Jordan sit down to discuss her career journey, her passion for helping empower and inspire women in developing nations, and finding your why. Vandana provides a broad range of experience in design and construction — both locally and internationally.

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Welcome, Vandana Dake

About Vandana

Vandana is currently the Owner of Alliance architecture. Her technical expertise and strong design concepts inform her work, ranging from schematic design through construction administration. She has received numerous awards, including much recognition from Downtown Durham, Inc. for Best Projects in 2004 and 2005 and from the Raleigh Preservation Society for Best Projects in 2005.

Enjoy this personal discussion with Vandana and Nick Jordan!

Episode 17 Transcription

(This transcription is not 100% accurate. Please listen to the recorded episode to get the most accurate results.)

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