Jim Roberts:

"Building Successful NC Communities With Entrepreneurs At The Forefront"

Episode Overview

Why are community ecosystems important? What can they provide to a community? Today, Jim Roberts and Nick Jordan talk about what an ecosystem can provide to large and small communities.

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Welcome, Jim Roberts!

About Jim Roberts:

Jim has been involved in community ecosystem building for many years. With notable success throughout North Carolina and the United States. In episode 9 of the Next Matters Most podcast, Jim and Nick talk about why an ecosystem is important for all communities, how entrepreneurs can improve ecosystems, and where to start when building a successful ecosystem!

Episode Post Feature:

We have an opportunity to create an entirely new ecosystem for the entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship community that will be impactful for all parts of a community.

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Episode 9 Transcription

(This transcription is not 100% accurate. Please listen to the recorded episode to get the most accurate results.)

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