Tom Snyder

"Using Data To Bring Innovation, Insights, and New Business To Fortune 100 Companies"

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What is IoT? We've all heard the acronym, but what does it mean, and why is it having such a big impact on the tech space around us? Tom Snyder, Executive Director at RIoT, and Nick Jordan Smashing Boxes CEO, talk about how data will lead to IoT solutions.

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Tom Snyder is a senior-level manager with substantial experience building and leading global teams, technology development, product design, and introduction. He and his team have a  proven innovation skillset with over 25 US patents issued. Currently the Executive Director at RIoT, he has a highly developed skillset for budget and schedule management, staff development, and driving innovation. In episode 5 of the Next Matters Most Podcast, Tom and Nick talk about the impact data technology solutions have on business and why large companies like Google and Facebook want in on creating innovative solutions or finding the teams to do so.

Episode 5 Transcription

(This transcription is not 100% accurate. Please listen to the recorded episode to get the most accurate results.)

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