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Walter Pinson

"Don't just survive, thrive. A conversation about career development, learning, and leadership"

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Leadership can have many different forms, but how do you know which one is right for you or your business? In episode 12 of the Next Matters Most Podcast, Walter Pinson, President of Smashing Boxes, talks with Nick Jordan about how he learned how to lead himself and his various teams through personal and business obstacles. Walter has a fair share of leadership experience, from building his own companies to companies like Microsoft and Unboxed. The two also discuss how CIO advisors can help businesses leverage expertise without paying large sums to accomplish their goals as leaders.

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Welcome, Walter Pinson!

About Walter

Walter is a 25-year industry veteran with deep experience delivering SaaS applications. Driven, competitive, and extremely passionate about providing meaningful solutions to customer problems. He is an enthusiastic leader and effective change agent with proven ability to build and manage highly productive teams, grow business through effective relationship management, and solve complex problems. He has held positions of progressively increased responsibility requiring deeply technical software engineering skills and thought leadership, evolving from software engineer and technical lead into software architect and technical product manager. He has experience developing cross-platform client-server applications targeting many different operating systems using many different programming languages, with developing proprietary middleware as a specialty. He has developed applications servicing several industries as varied as national defense and healthtech and worked for Enterprise organizations, like Microsoft and Verizon, leading key strategic initiatives and developing cutting-edge products with large-scale impact. His technical focus for the past ten (10) years with agile Scrum teams developing RESTful microservices with varied Cloud and DevOps technologies as well as implementation of CI/CD. He carries a strong belief in the power of disruptive innovation; which has him excited about the future of blockchain as a means of value creation and solving today’s challenges in ways previously unimagined.

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How Companies Can Leverage Fractional Expertise Via CIO Advisors

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Episode 12 Transcription

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