EPISODE eleven

Nina Barnett

"Challenges as a Female Entrepreneur + Building A Business While In College"

Episode Overview

We all know that entrepreneurship is tough; their many challenges, headaches, and stress points to overcome before starting a business. Keeping these points in mind, add the detail that the entrepreneur is in college, and the challenge of starting a business goes up exponentially. Despite these oppositions, Nina Barnett overcame them while being a female within a male-dominated space. In episode 11 of The Next Matters Most podcast, Nina, the owner and founder of Grooop, talks about how she overcame the ultimatum of being a female business owner while completing her own goals of graduating college at the top of her class.

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Welcome, Nina Barnett!


Grooop is simple: college students use an intuitive app to feel confident on campus.  Anytime, Anywhere. Grooop is a platform that serves universities, workplaces, friends, and families through our service contracts and mobile app to make safety more fun, inclusive, intuitive, and non-invasive. Grooop is the best way to share safety status instantly. Grooop makes sure you have power in numbers, even if you're alone. Set up safe zones, create grooops of your friends, and update your safety status to alert others if you need help.

Episode Post Feature:

"[I want to] show people that it's totally normal to be either a female in the (entrepreneurship) space or completely normal to have an idea when you're young and want to capitalize on it" - Nina Barnett

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Episode 11 Transcription

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