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Episode 1

"Passion is not always a viable business plan. You have to think about whether or not your passion can be turned into profit. Instead, think about purpose. When you use the purpose behind what you're doing to drive you, the hard days become easier because you know what you're working towards."

-Jess Averhart, Founder & Creator of Reinvention Roadmap, Episode 1

Episode 2

"Blockchain is going to enable new healthcare industries or new ways to do commerce. It's already happening. That's all because of blockchain. The goal is to ensure that we don't adopt legislation today that will restrict the growth of the technology industry tomorrow. We want to adopt small, smart policies so that we can be really honed in on what the new industries that we are creating will surface up."

-Eric Porper, Co-Chair, North Carolina Blockchain Initiative, Episode 2

Episode 3

"I'm a big believer in the replay system as the key to improving health outcomes. Take, for example, a football player who plays on Sunday. What's the first thing they do on Monday? Do they go out and play a game? No. They go and study film to see exactly what they did wrong, what they can do to do better, and they spend all week trying to fix those problems. It's about aggravating all the data about yourself and bringing it into a replay system. This allows you the ability to improve yourself, just like a professional athlete. Individuals need to know what they're doing wrong before they can fix it."

-Michael Levy, President, Digital Health Institute for Transformation, Episode 3

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